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I respect your opinion, but... Sherstrade.


I’m… sorry? (No, I’m not.)
It was supposed to end differently (more fluffily?), but brain thought better of it. Or something.

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"I’ve fallen for you more times than that American has fallen out of your window."

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All I see is Sherstraaaaade and mumsy Hudders <3

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You bastard | Digital Art

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It’s time to come back.

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because you need me.

Yes, I do. God help me.

They need each other!

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greg lestrade solves conflict with hugs, not punches in the face.

Exhibit A:


and B through Z.

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New Sherstrade Graphic ‘Now that You’ve gone’ - Post Reichenbach, Lestrade copes badly with his lover’s demise and can barely get through the day before going home to their bed, and the scent of Sherlock is barely there anymore.

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