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I respect your opinion, but... Sherstrade.
oh god im in tears this blog is absolutely fantastic. I needed more shestrade in my life and wow this is godsend. Just .. thank you. <33

Aw {{{hugs}}}. You’re very warmly welcomed. I still thank its creator, mybelovedcheshire everyday for letting me take over and keep all of this sideblog intact. Sherstrade forever xox

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↳ sherstrade moments 2/?

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John, you’re getting in the way of their moment.

Clearly eyefucking. Sherstrade is canon. ;)

hee hee

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That’s what friends are for…

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"because you need me." 

↳ sherstrade moments 1/?

they need each other

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The Detective and the Inspector.

(I hadn’t found the time yet to test new graphic tablet on non-work stuff, so yep. It seems to be working well.)

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So, I was scrolling through my dash and saw the quote "You were my cup of tea, I drink coffee now." And all I could think was John drinks tea, Greg drinks coffee... There were post-Reichenbach feels and I just needed to share that with someone.

Awww. Thank you for sharing. Now we need some fic, don’t we? ;)

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lexxxwasniahc asked for the Greg and Sherlock hug so that’s what she’s getting :) Obviously sketchy since it was done in 30 minutes, but at least I think you can tell who people are lol :) 

Really hope you like it, hon!


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I remember drawing this when I was upset and I’ve now finished it, pheww.

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