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I respect your opinion, but... Sherstrade.
hello! first of all, extremely happy that I've found this blog- I'm kind of new to the sherstrade ship so it's very exciting to see so many others ship it too. :) Anyway, I've been writing a sherstrade fic over the past couple days, and I was wondering if there was a sherstrade tumblr or community where I could post it so that sherstrade shippers can read it.

Welcome! There’s never too many Sherstrade shippers so I’m really glad to hear from a new one. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve sailed this ship; it’s just the solidarity I love. You can always just use your tumblr to post to the #sherstrade tag; put your fic under a “Read More” link so that if it’s long, people can click on that and it won’t overwhelm the tag. If you have an AO3 account, you can post it there and add a link in the #sherstrade tag so that others can find it. If you have a LiveJournal account (which is free), you can post to various LJs that specialized in Lestrade oriented fic or BBC Sherlock fic in general. Just make sure you read all the pertinent FAQs about tags and posting format so that it’s easy to find readers with your same interest. Good luck and I look forward to reading your first foray into Sherstraaaaaaaade. :)

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139/? the sign of three caps

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Little sherstrade manip because i can’t find pics of them together (how’s that?) and it’s such a shame.

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Imp gave the idea last week on Twitter, so here it is. Sherlock likes Lestrade’s butt.

My tweets are mostly trash, but every once in a while I say something witty. And then Grid draws it, because she’s lovely and awesome.

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Papa Lestrade and his love for Sherlock Holmes. [x]

all I hear is Sherstraaaaaade

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The Hounds of Baskerville / Edits 115/?

all I see is Sherstraaaaaade

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I’m… sorry? (No, I’m not.)
It was supposed to end differently (more fluffily?), but brain thought better of it. Or something.

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"I’ve fallen for you more times than that American has fallen out of your window."

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All I see is Sherstraaaaade and mumsy Hudders <3

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You bastard | Digital Art

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